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Munch's - a St. Petersburg Landmark since 1952

Munch's Restaurant has been a part of St. Petersburg History since Dwight Eisenhower was in the White House.  The Munch family claims a proud heritage of serving the finest breakfast and lunch in St. Petersburg since that time.

1952 Munchs on Right 320


Dean and Clariece Munch opened the doors to a breakfast and lunch restaurant and sundries shop with novelty items, candy, toys, a dry cleaning service and post office. You could get all you could eat breakfasts for 19¢,  Milkshakes for 20¢ and Munchburgers for 49¢!

papa munch

Dean Munch

Attendees of Lakewood Elementary School can still find their picture on the wall.  These pictures date back to 1950s.

lakewood elem

Over the years, Munch's grew. The two sons, Garry & Larry worked in the  restaurant starting at the age of 14, learning all they could about the restaurant business and serving the best breakfast and lunch in the Tampa Bay area.

munch brothers

Larry and Garry Munch


Dean & Clariece went their separate ways, and Clariece bought the restaurant with her two sons. Larry went to college for Restaurant & Business Management while Garry was dealing with the maintainence & security.

Fresh fish was brought into the restaurant on a daily basis by the local fisherman, and Larry (when he could get out fishing). 


During the making of the movie Cocoon, Ron Howard and his crew would stop in for lunch and sign autographs for the girls; we even have a picture of him holding up a Munch's t-shirt!

ron howard

Ron Howard at Munch's


According the the St. Petersburg Times (November 1986), Munch's was voted the "Ultimate Grouper Sandwich".


Breakfast specials on Monday, Wednesday & Friday were just 99¢.   According to Tampa Bay Life Magazine (August 1989 AND September 1991) Munch's was chosen BEST Place for Breakfast and Cheap Eats of Pinellas County. 

The St. Petersburg Historical Museum added Munch's to their "Dining In & Out Serving Up Nostalgia" section.


Garry retired from Munch's in 1990, leaving Miz Munch and Larry to the business. Garry still hangs around for security purposes, you just never know where he will be. Miz Munch ran the restaurant with Larry, making it even more famous with new menu ideas every day, homemade sausages, soups, they kept the tradition of fresh food going strong.


If you like Key Lime Pie and Milkshakes, this was the place, according to Creative Loafing (July 1992), Munch's was voted "The BEST of the Bay Key Lime Pie and Milkshakes".

That same year, The St. Petersburg Times and The Tampa Tribune voted Munch's "The BEST Burger Place in St. Pete for their Famous Munchburger".


Miss Florida 2004 has her picture with Larry up on the wall.

miss florida

Miss Florida 2004 at Munch's


The Dupont Registry voted Munch's "Best of Tampa Bay" for their Fried Chicken. The Fried chicken is now offered on Tuesday and Saturday.

best chicken
Miz Munch retired at age 88 in Aug 2006.  She is still going strong and stays quite busy with her friends. She still purchases the novelty items sold in the restaurant, always thinking about ways to make money and promote the business.   

miz munch


"Prime of Your Life" filmed on location at Munch's, won first place in Tampa Bay Film Festival

(photo to come)


Garry Munch passed away, July 2010.  He is missed by the Munch crew.


Diner's Drive-ins & Dives paid us a visit in 2011. Thanks to Guy Fieri and his awesome crew for adding us to your DDD family! Diners, Drive-ins & Dives aired in September 2011 on the Food Network!   

guy fieri poster

We had an awesome watch party at Ferg's Sports Bar on Central Avenue, an excellent place to have a party! Thanks Ferg's & all 300 of you that came!

Larry has owned the restaurant for the last 15 years, he has found that owning a business, a well known business at that, is hard work.  He has discovered that the business becomes your family and way of life. The fishing doesn't come as easy as it did some years  ago but it still happens.

We have seen many changes and we have met an uncountable number of great people, our customers. We have so many funny stories and memories, and have made so many wonderful lasting friendships...and, we have gained and lost so many pounds, experimenting with the great food that comes from Munch's Restaurant!