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The Munch's Story

For some it's breakfast and lunch like "mama used to make", for others, it's the Legendary Munchburger or Famous Fried Green Tomatoes.

cheeseburger 320 fried green tomatoes 320
Legendary Munchburger
Fried Green Tomatoes

Others come for the camaraderie and to sample some of the great breakfast and lunch specials Larry comes up with on a daily basis. Munch's offers homemade sausages, soups and daily lunch specials in addition to the standard breakfast and lunch menu. BBQ Fridays has become a big hit and fried chicken has been added to the menu on Saturdays, by popular customer demaind.

bbq friday 240  fried chicken 320
BBQ Fridays Fried Chicken

Munch's is after all, the place where everybody really does know your name. Regulars know the "girls" - Ruthie, Deb, Pat, Carmen, Lisa, Bev & Zoee  (and every once in a while you will see Larry's wife Laura, usually when Larry's is out fishin').

The "guys" in the Kitchen - Eric the Kitchen Manager, Jeff (Garry's son), Sean all do a fantastic job creating Larry's menu ideas.  We can't forget to mention Li’l Larry (Garry's son) and Edrick, also in the kitchen, doing an excellent job keeping everything clean!

Our staff has been part of our family for longer than they want to admit and we are very proud of each one of them!

The St. Petersburg breakfast and lunch restaurant has gotten a good bit of press over the years - most recently, the BBQ cookoff where Munch’s BBQ ribs, brisket and German potato salad were the big hits!

bbq friday 240
BBQ Cookoff
Over the years, Munch's has been honored with many awards for their food.  Click here to view.

Diner's Drive-ins & Dives paid us a visit in 2011. Thanks to Guy Fieri and his awesome crew for adding us to your DDD family! Diners, Drive-ins & Dives aired in September 2011 on the Food Network! We had an awesome watch party at Ferg's Sports Bar on Central Avenue, an excellent place to have a party! Thanks Ferg's & all 300 of you that came! We invite you to follow all the Munch’s activities on our Facebook page.

We have a new batch of tie-dyed t-shirts with the 'Triple D' on them (and all made in the USA!) ...come on in and purchase one today! Or, order them from our online store and have them sent to your home or as gifts to friends and family.  Also Munch's mugs, aprons, new hats and coolie cups are on sale now!  Pretty cool stuff!

tie dye button Click here to order online.

You can order them through our online store – or just stop by and buy them on the spot. Make sure you get them autographed by Larry & Eric!!

We raised over $3000.00 for the St. Petersburg Police Fallen Officers Fund; thank you to all who donated!

Thank you again to Guy Fieri and the Food Network for increasing our breakfast and lunch business.  Larry and Eric are constantly coming up with new menu items and daily lunch specials, so come in often for something new. We just keep getting better and better!
guy was here

As always we just want to let our (staff) "family" know what an excellent job they do everyday, it's just not possible to achieve this dream without them!

Breakfast & lunch are served up until 3:00 p.m., check out our menu and daily specials ~ You definitly won't go away hungry.

candies    paperbacks   
On the way out, pick up a pack of Necco wafers, a used paperback, coolie-cups, t-shirts-even tye dyed, or something else from the case or the counter; that's the "Sundries" part of Munch's.  This was Miz Munch's private domain and she makes us keep up with the tradition of the 'novelties'. Don't forget your free ice cream soda on your birthday and check out all the Lakewood Elementary school pictures on all of the walls; who knows you just might be able to spot Larry or his brother Garry seated at their desks! (Garry passed away July 2010...we miss you Gar!)

Mama is into her 90s, still going strong, and still asks Larry if she can come back to go MAMA!!!

miz munch
When you walk in the door you are greeted by the "Webb's City" Bear holding a list of the Daily Lunch Specials...
webb city bear

  • Monday~Sheppard's Pie
  • Tuesday~Fried Chicken
  • Wednesday~Cuban Sandwiches
  • Thursday~Pot Roast of Beef with veggies
  • Friday~Clam Chowder & a Fresh Catfish Sandwich
  • Saturday ~ Fried Chicken
  • Sunday ~ Chef's Choice

There is also a "Name" board up front.  If your name is on the board your breakfast or lunch is FREE.

name board